Q-DESK โต๊ะเรียนอเนกประสงค์ แบบใหม่

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  •   QProducts has fabricated a desk with the process of Rotational molding, which exceeds all expectations in regards to comfortableness, ergonomics, resistance and acceptance by users, after being subjected to tests and surveys which gave very positive results. This was part of a strategic program aimed to develop products using top of the line technology, contribute to the environment by preserving the wood’s integrity, reducing the indiscriminate cutting of trees, therefore helping in lessening global warming, as well as significantly eliminating costs of educational institutions maintenance in regards to school’s furniture.

    The desk, produced by the process of ROTOMOLDING, has the following characteristics:
  •      > Completely Ergonomic.
         > 100% safe, since it is produced in one piece, which eliminates jointing, welding and screws, which tend to get loose with the vibration caused by constant use.
         > 100% recyclable, being fabricated in polythene.
         > Ecological, since it avoids the cutting of trees during fabrication of school’s furniture.
         > 100% resistant to sea salt, which makes it ideal for coastal locations.
         > Practically of low or almost no maintenance, since it only requires cleaning.
         > With the possibility of including in its fabrication anti-flame additives, which would make it self-extinguishable in case of fire.
         > Enhancement of student’s conditions. 
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